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Online networking can help boost job prospects in the Biotechnology sector

By Obi Igbokwe
Online networking is one of the most effective and under utilised tools that can aid job seekers find the jobs they are looking for. It is also particulary suited for web friendly industries such as the biotechnology industry.

It is difficult to find the best jobs by using the conventional way of job hunting because they are hardly ever advertised. In reality, people are recommended for the positions by someone within their professional network who would also provide tips on how to ace the job interviews. To get the best jobs, it is important to have a solid network of contacts. He also mentions it is now easier to have those contacts by networking online.

Online networking, which involves the mutual exchange of information and knowledge between people through online forums and websites, has moved the art of networking from conferences, industry breakfasts and power lunches to the comfort and privacy of one’s home.

Online networking not only provides the freedom of participants to get to know thousands of people from any part of the world at their own schedule, it also removes social barriers like shyness and financial barriers which include the cost of traveling and staying in hotels for conferences and industry events.

Another advantage of online networking according to Dakotta J.K. Alex, a social networking expert and author of “Damn, I Need a Job. Again!” and “The Recruiters Guide Book”, is that it helps professionals keep abreast of the latest happenings in their industry and thus keeps their skills updated.

This is an area that is addressing with its online networking service, as registered members not only have an online forum where they can communicate, they can also post links to industry related websites, news headlines and articles written by themselves on the website. Users are awarded points for their contributions.

The reason behind this is to encourage users interact more with each other, by sharing knowledge. Their contributions and public interactions within the forums are the accessible from their profile page. This makes them more attractive to potential contacts, who are themselves registered members. When networking online, it is important to remember that getting to know and maintaining a relationship with the people in one’s private network is just as important as making the initial contact. With that in mind, people would soon find themselves being offered positions that they only ever dreamed of.

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