Risk Communication: A Handbook for Communicating Environmental, Safety, and Health Risks

by Regina E. Lundgren, Andrea H. McMakin

Publisher: Battelle Press
Number of Pages: 342
ISBN: 1574770551

Book Summary:
When health, safety, or environmental risks take center stage, communicating risk information can be a daunting challenge. The increased visibility of global terrorism and other catastrophic emergencies underscores the potential for human tragedy -- along with economic, social, and political consequences. Communication must be targeted, understandable, and effective without inadvertently provoking hostility and mistrust. For 10 years, Risk Communication, a handbook of strategies and guidance for conveying risk information effectively, has proved to be a valuable resource on areas such as current laws, stakeholder participation methods, and working with the news media. This significantly expanded third edition contains all new sections on communicating about acts of bioterrorism and other emergencies, developing messages, and using facilitated deliberation and alternative dispute resolution methods. Sections on using technology in communication, choosing visuals, understanding stigma and privacy issues, and evaluating communication results have been expanded to include the latest methods and research-driven examples.

A valuable resource for 10 years, Risk Communication is divided into the following self-contained parts: (1) Background information on basic theories and practices, (2) Planning a communication effort, (3) Putting risk communication into action, (4) Evaluating risk communication efforts, and (5) Communicating risk during and after an emergency.



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