Computer Security for Dummies

by Peter T. Davis, Barry D. Lewis

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Inc (Computers)
Number of Pages: 384
ISBN: 1568846355

Book Summary:
Computer Security for Dummies, takes a broad approach to the subject. Only one chapter is devoted to the Internet, which is reasonable. After all, computers had security problems long before the Internet, and anyone focusing just on the online world is ignoring some important issues. Authors Peter T. David and Barry D. Lewis begin by defining the risks and threats and move briskly, but informatively, through physical security (locking up your computer); picking perfect passwords; backing up data; avoiding viruses; and offering specific security tips for the Mac, DOS, and Windows 95. In the best-selling Dummies series style, there's much that's amusing and much that's useful. As a primer of basic computer security issues for the uninformed, it is not to be missed.

Now that just about every personal computer is connected to the Internet, an intranet, or some other kind of network, computer security has never been a more critical concern. Fortunately, it doesn't take a lab-coated computer scientist from CIA Headquarters to tighten up access to your PC or network and all the valuable data therein. In Computer Security For Dummies, authors and computer security professionals Peter T. Davis and Barry D. Lewis lay out the practical steps you can take for everything from protecting data and creating effective passwords to backing up and safely storing sensitive files. Computer Security For Dummies reveals . . . The basic concepts underlying computer security -- sans technobabble The top ten threats to your personal computer and how to avoid them Why it's so important to pick a proper password -- and how to create one you can remember and no one else can guess How to back up mission-critical data and how often to do it How you can use an online service without compromising security The quickest ways to recover lost word processor, spreadsheet, and database passwords The ten most useful DOS, Windows, and Macintosh security utilities What's involved in setting up a firewall to protect your network or server from electronic assault by hackers And where to turn for further computer security information and guidance.

Plus, Davis and Lewis share invaluable tips on taking advantage of what's becoming one of the most popular means of business communication, e-mail, without putting confidential information at risk.



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