Cost-Value Analysis in Health Care: Making Sense out of QALYS (Cambridge Studies in Philosophy and Public Policy)

by Erik Nord

Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication Date: Tuesday, September 28, 1999
Number of Pages: 181
ISBN: 0521644348

Book Summary:
This book is a comprehensive and fully up-to-date account of what it means to try to quantify health in distributing resources for health care. It offers an elegant new approach to comparing the costs and benefits of medical interventions. Erik Nord questions Cost-Utility Analysis (CUA) and the feasibility of measuring patients' quality of life meaningfully in numerical terms. He presents an alternative approach called cost-value analysis in which representative samples of the general public express preferences among different health-care programs. This will be a book of particular interest to medical ethicists, health-care professionals and administrators, and economists specializing in health-care economics.



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