Community Resources for Older Adults: Programs and Services in an Era of Change

by Robbyn R. Wacker, Karen A. Roberto, Linda E. Piper

Publisher: Pine Forge Press
Publication Date: Saturday, June 15, 2002
Number of Pages: 496
ISBN: 0761987703

Book Summary:

By the year 2030, older Americans will make up nearly one quarter of the population. The rapid growth of this population segment puts increased importance on the analysis of existing social policy regarding the responsibilities of caring for older adults. This book provides a comprehensive overview of current community resources available to elderly Americans, including both public and private programs.


While knowledge of the community resources that are available is vital, the authors also stress the importance of the theoretical knowledge that will assist in understanding the social and psychological dynamics of help seeking behavior. Deeper understanding of the social and psychological needs of the elderly and their families, as well as the services that are available them, will better prepare students and practitioners to take advantage of resources available to their clients.

New to this Edition

The Second Edition includes updated information about various programs and services, including the newly authorized Older Americans Act and changes in Social Security and Medicare. In addition, new information about health care for retired veterans, updated best practices, and Web resources are provided.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides an overview of legislation that provides the foundation for the aging network
  • A discussion of theories that help predict service use, thus offering readers a framework for understanding why older adults do or do not use services
  • Provides case studies that encourage critical thinking about the delivery and use of community resources
  • Chapters that contain descriptions of both public and private programs and services available to older adults, in-depth reviews of the current body of empirical literature in each program area, and discussions of the challenges programs and services will face in the future
  • Includes Best practice examples of community programs from around the country that illustrate unique ways to meet the needs of older adults
  • Lists national organizations and Internet resources for each topic area
  • Includes learning activities that challenge students to explore the community resources that exist in the reader's locale



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