Rational Risk Policy: The 1996 Arne Ryde Memorial Lectures (Arne Ryde Memorial Lectures)

by W. Kip Viscusi

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Publication Date: Thursday, May 21, 1998
Number of Pages: 160
ISBN: 0198293631

Book Summary:
This book provides a comprehensive and accessible synthesis of Viscusi's 1996 Arne Ryde Memorial lectures on risk policy. In this volume, Viscusi explores the various forms of irrationality exemplified in individual risk behavior and the role government policy has played in institutionalizing
these biases. He examines the implications for government policy of consumers and workers' risk beliefs and behavioral responses to risk. In addition to a critique of current risk analysis practices, he suggests strategies for rational risk management, including hazard warnings efforts, direct
regulation, and liability as alternative modes of intervention.



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