Molecular Medicine

by ja Hirosaki International Forum of Medical Science 1998 Hirosaki-Shi

Publisher: Elsevier Science Pub Co
Publication Date: Tuesday, June 01, 1999
Number of Pages: 234
ISBN: 0444500065

Book Summary:
Hardbound. Over the past decade, with the development of gene technology, there has been an explosion in knowledge about genetic alternations as cause or pathogenesis of many diseases. This establishes a new field, molecular medicine, revolutionizing diagnosis and treatment of such diseases.

This book, proceedings of a symposium on molecular medicine held as the Second Meeting of Hirosaki International Forum of Medical Science, provides in-depth information on recent advance in gene diagnosis, regulation of gene expression, and gene therapy. In the section of gene diagnosis, recent topics on epidermolysis bullosa, an inherited blistering skin disease, and hereditary hearing loss have been presented. Regulation of gene expression focuses on corticortropin-releasing hormone gene and genes encoding drug-metabolizing enzymes, as examples under sophisticated control and biological importance. Gene therapy includes development of novel in vivo gene delivery



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