AIDS: The Politics of Survival (Policy, Politics, Health, and Medicine Series)

by Nancy Krieger

Publisher: Baywood Publishing Company, Inc.
Publication Date: Sunday, May 01, 1994
Number of Pages: 296
ISBN: 0895031221

Book Summary:
In one short decade, the politics of AIDS has become the politics of survival. In a world whose social order is changing before our eyes, AIDS insistently brings new meaning to the age-old question of what it is we must do to survive--as individuals, as families, as communities, as nations, as members of an interdependent world. This book brings together a collection of articles that frankly discuss what is will take to stop the AIDS epidemic and deal with the devastation it has already wrought.

The first section, "The Politics of AIDS," presents an analysis of AIDS in the United States developed in the mid-1980s. Building on this framework, the next section, "AIDS: Community Survival in the United States" examines issues of community survival and AIDS prevention in the United States in the 1990s, especially as they pertain to racial/ethnic minorities, children, and the urban poor. The third section, "Women and AIDS," discusses how gender relations shape the spread of AIDS in both economically developed and underdeveloped countries and includes detailed analyses of the situation in Zimbabwe and South Africa. This is followed by a section on

"Solidarity and AIDS," which considers the response to AIDS in Cuba and Brazil and evaluates global efforts to prevent AIDS. The final section, "The Histories of AIDS," critically assesses two prevalent paradigms used to understand AIDS--that of AIDS as "gay plague" and as "chronic disease." It examines their implications for health policy, contrasts individualistic versus collective, and biomedical versus social, understandings of the disease, and outlines alternative strategies for scientific research, health policy, and AIDS prevention.



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