Evaluation & Decision Making for Health Services, Third Edition

by James E. Veney, Arnold D. Kaluzny

Publisher: Health Administration Press
Number of Pages: 436
ISBN: 1567930883

Book Summary:
Should your healthcare organization implement a new service or program? Was an implemented program successful? In the face of stiff competition, the answers to these questions are critical. This book provides you with the tools and techniques for making sound management decisions about new or existing programs and services. The third edition of this authoritative guide includes updated examples, illustrations, and references, as well as: * A new chapter on cost-utility measures * Expanded chapters on operations research, and on cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analysis * Additional material on total quality management and continuous quality management improvement techniques * Detailed examples to aid in the understanding of quantitative methods applications * Revised chapters on experimental design and sampling that address "real-life" testing situations



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