Secrecy Wars: National Security, Privacy, and the Public's Right to Know

by Philip H. Melanson

Publisher: Brassey's UK Ltd
Publication Date: Tuesday, January 15, 2002
Number of Pages: 274
ISBN: 1574883240

Book Summary:
A revealing look at a shadowy facet of American democracy

* Covers such controversial topics such as American political assassinations, nuclear safety, Secret Service protection of the presidents, and CIA covert operations and alleged involvement in the sale of crack cocaine
* Based on interviews with legal experts and key politicians, as well as with the secret keepers themselves, law enforcement and intelligence agency personnel
* Discusses legal and illegal files on antiwar and civil rights leaders, Hollywood celebrities, and organized crime figures

The public and media are fascinated by U.S. government secrets, real and imagined. Yet very few people know how the process of obtaining formerly secret documents works. SECRECY WARS is a look inside the American secrecy system as it is accessed through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and the Privacy Act. With its perspective that of a political legal drama, this important new book will not only entertain and inform but also influence the legal, journalism, and political communities.



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