Women's Health: the Commonwealth Fund Survey

by Marilyn M. Falik, Karen Scott Collins

Publisher: The Johns Hopkins University Press
Publication Date: Monday, January 15, 1996
Number of Pages: 408
ISBN: 0801853540

Book Summary:

"Health and well-being are complex phenomena. An overly simplistic emphasis on superior longevity as a hallmark of health status all too often masks women's serious health concerns. Mortality statistics, for example, suggest that women are healthier than men. Yes, women tend to live longer. However, women are far more likely to experience depression, more likely to have chronic disabilities, and less likely to have adequate health insurance coverage. Women are more likely than men to use health services--more physician visits and more hospitalizations. It would appear that women are experiencing longer but not necessarily healthier lives."--from the Introduction

The results of the landmark 1993 Commonwealth Fund survey demonstrated that women's health is too often neglected. This book, based on in-depth analysis of experiences reported in the survey, provides baseline information on the psychobehavioral factors that have an impact on women's health. Topics addressed include socioeconomic factors that influence health (insurance, employment, poverty), care-seeking behaviors, psychological factors, and aging. Each chapter analyzes the appropriate survey data, presents findings and integrates the relevant literature, draws implications for policy and health care delivery, and identifies issues for further research.



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