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Slurry Transport Using Centrifugal Pumps

by K. C., Wilson, G. R., Addie, A., Sellgren

Publisher: Springer
Publication Date: Saturday, October 01, 2005
Number of Pages: 452
ISBN: 0387232621

Book Summary:

Vast tonnages of solid-liquid mixtures are pumped every year in dredging operations, mining and waste-disposal applications. Most of these systems are centrifugal pumps, and the resolution of problems encountered in slurry pumping requires both detailed scientific knowledge and judgment derived from practical experience.

For many years the combination of up-to-date analysis and hands-on experimentation has been provided to interested engineers in a short course based at the GIW Hydraulic Laboratory. The lecturers in this course, who represent a broad background of international expertise, have prepared this widely-recognized text, Slurry Transport Using Centrifugal Pumps, Third Edition.

This unique text is logically divided into two sections: the first part of the book concentrates on the behaviors of various sorts of slurry flow, and the second part deals with the behavior of centrifugal pumps handling slurries, and with how pumps and pipelines interact as a system.

Slurry Transport Using Centrifugal Pumps, Third Edition also includes:

  • New material on both non-Newtonian flows and slurries of granular particles.
  • New information on pump wear, solids effect, and system operation.
  • Updated and completely new material on pump selection and environmental aspects
  • Worked examples and case studies that stress practical applications

Slurry Transport Using Centrifugal Pumps, Third Edition, will be of interest to all engineers and technologists involved in the large-scale transportation of slurries.



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