The Medicaments of Cellular Therapy

by Dr. Harvey M. Good

Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication Date: Thursday, February 16, 2006
Number of Pages: 156
ISBN: 141207200X

Book Summary:
Stem cell therapy did not just appear from thin air. Before Stem Cell Therapy there were a number of therapies that used fetal, juvenile and even adult cells to stimulate a "change" in the body. Some of these Therapies still exist. This book documents one of these therapies. Cellular Therapy has be around for well over 70 years and the concept of using cell and/or tissue as a medicament has been around since Hippocrates first described his tissue remedies. The manner of preparing fetal tissue and testing these "Preparations" is described in this book. Since the late 40's when Prof. Dr. Paul Niehans first developed the method for Lyophilization with the Nestle corporations Doctors all over the world have used these products. There are many documented successes and cures related to the use of Cellular Therapy and here for the first time is the documentation of "The Medicaments of Cellular Therapy" precursor to what we now know as "Stem Cell Therapy".

The famous Revitalization which Niehans used for many years in his clinic in Vevay, Switzerland, treating Popes, Kings and Statesmen is documented with scientific evidence of its efficacy.

The interesting fact is that documented positive results have been obtained using tissue/cells from non-human mammalian sources.



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