Nanobiotechnology Molecular Diagnostics: Current Techniques and Applications (Horizon Bioscience)

by K.K. Jain

Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication Date: Wednesday, March 01, 2006
Number of Pages: 185
ISBN: 1904933173

Book Summary:

Molecular diagnostics has evolved rapidly during the past decade and has an impact on the practice of medicine as well as many other applications including drug discovery. Advances in biotechnology have been incorporated into molecular diagnostics. There has been a distinct trend in miniaturization with development of biochips and microfluidics. This trend has continued with the development of nanotechnology. Nanotechnologies are now being applied to molecular diagnostics to refine and extend the limits of detection. As the introductory chapter on molecular diagnostics shows, there are a large number of technologies and only a fraction of these have yet been affected by the introduction of nanobiotechnology. There is a tremendous scope for further development.

This book gives an introduction to nanobiotechnology relevant to molecular diagnostics, a field that has been termed nanodiagnostics. The current state of development of nanodiagnostic technologies including nanobiochips and nanobiosensors is reviewed. Besides important applications in clinical diagnostics, the role of molecular diagnostics in drug discovery is also described.

The voluminous literature relevant to this topic was reviewed and 180 selected references are included in the bibliography. The book will be useful for those developing nanobiotechnology, clinical laboratories, researchers in molecular diagnostics and scientists involved in drug discovery in the pharmaceutical industry. Financiers of nanotechnology have a scientific interest in the new developments and this book will be a source of useful information including the development of technologies in the commercial sector.



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