A Textbook of Cancer Epidemiology

by Adami, Greenberg, Mueser, Ashla, Becker, Levy, Botkin, Cameron, Schweitzer, Frank, Pellegrino, Danis, Jonathan Abrams, Donald Hunninghake, Robert Knopp, Nicholas A. Athanasou

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Publication Date: Saturday, June 15, 2002
Number of Pages: 385
ISBN: 0195109694

Book Summary:
This super text gives a concise, systematic account of what is currently known about the epidemiology and the potential of primary prevention for most forms of human cancer. Early chapters summarize the principles and methods of epidemiology, the biology of cancer, cancer genetics, the emerging potential biomakers, and the burden of cancer around the world. Then chapters of uniform structure on over 20 types of cancer provide clinical and pathological outlines, descriptive epidemiology, and a comprehensive account of factors and their etiological importance. Spicific sections address somatic and germ cell mutations that play a role in the occurrence of particular forms of cancer.



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