Clinical Research in Practice: A Guide for the Bedside Scientist

by Janet, Ph.D. Houser, Joanna L. Bokovoy

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers
Publication Date: Thursday, March 23, 2006
Number of Pages: 277
ISBN: 0763738751

Book Summary:
In today's healthcare environment, every clinician is accountable for determining the value of their interventions. Fortunately, some of the most useful patient care research is conducted in the living laboratories that are clinical settings. Clinical Research in Practice: A Guide for the Bedside Scientist is a straightforward guide to reading, evaluating, and using research in these clinical settings. The text helps the bedside scientist take a study from question to design to practice.

In a straightforward, reader-friendly approach to a complex subject, the text arms the clinician with the information they to engage in the research process, and includes real-life research to illustrate the most essential concepts of practice-based research. Clinical Research in Practice is an excellent guide to translating clinical work into an actual research project.



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