Introduction to Health Sciences Librarianship: A Management Handbook (The Greenwood Library Management Collection)

by Frank R. Kellerman

Publisher: Greenwood Press
Publication Date: Thursday, January 30, 1997
Number of Pages: 240
ISBN: 0313297614

Book Summary:
Health sciences librarianship today demands a balance among electronic files, human ingenuity, and print sources. Thanks to computerization and telecommunications, librarians can do much more now than just a few years ago. While the tremendous growth in available resources has enabled librarians to provide more thorough information to patrons, the process of doing so has become correspondingly more complex. While librarians still need to use many traditional skills, they must also develop new ways of finding and utilizing information. This professional reference surveys the field of health sciences librarianship and provides extensive practical advice to assist health sciences librarians in meeting the information needs of their patrons. Because journal literature is the principal medium of information in the health sciences, the book begins with an examination of the roles that journals play as well as the large proportion of the library budget that they consume. The volume then discusses techniques of searching journal literature, such as print and electronic indexing and abstracting tools. Additional chapters are devoted to the selection and organization of health sciences books, and reference tools and services. Special attention is given to the electronic distribution of biomedical information. With important sources of health information now becoming available via the Internet, this book provides a point of departure to evaluate those sources. The final chapter discusses the various environments that shape health sciences librarianship, such as library settings, professional associations, and economic contexts.



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