Securing the Enterprise Network

by Janet G. Butler

Publisher: Computer Technology Research Corporation
Number of Pages: 250
ISBN: 1566079845

Book Summary:
Despite the power of internetworking, companies are faced with enormous security threats. CTR's 250-page report analyzes today's network security issues, describes their rapidly changing technical aspects, and forecasts future network security challenges. This report is your guide to the latest advances in security technology.

Network Security: An Overview

Today's networking technologies enable the sharing of enormous amounts of information within an organization. Distributed client/server (C/S) computing and enterprisewide internetworking offer new opportunities and flexibility. But as information accessibility grows, so does vulnerability to potential security breaches.

CTR's Securing the Enterprise Network report offers an indepth discussion of current and emerging security technologies. The report addresses the major network security solutions, such as encryption, packet-level filters, auditing, and firewalls. Other important topics such as network operating system (NOS) deficiencies, network security failure points, and the key features of network security software are also discussed.

Security for the Internet and Intranets

Although the Internet is proving to be essential to the business sector, much of the Internet's network and application architecture is inadequate from a security perspective. Even when protected by firewalls and other tools, the Internet is far from secure.

As the report explains, many network managers are unaware that data can be easily stolen via the Internet. The report discusses the risks inherent in this technology, offers network security solutions, and provides guidelines for developing an Internet security strategy.

The report also addresses issues surrounding intranet security and reviews the possible security problems, the available security options, and the most crucial problems involved with this emerging technology.

Comprehensive Security

Securing the Enterprise Network studies in detail the need for comprehensive security and includes a discussion of C/S security issues and the possibility of extending mainframe security software. Network administrators must identify and secure each security threat and link these different network pieces together under one security umbrella in order to provide comprehensive enterprisewide security.

The report explores the five main areas of network security: Internet security, workgroup security, mobile user security, remote office security, and integrated enterprisewide security.

The report is a critical resource for network managers who must provide comprehensive protection across their entire information infrastructure.

Network Security: The Present and the Future

Today's organizations are faced with enormous security challenges. With a greater amount of information vulnerable to theft and more companies relying on the Internet and intranets for vital business functions, measurable financial losses related to information security are on the rise.

Securing the Enterprise Network is your guide to the latest advances in security technology. Topics include integrating Windows NT platforms into an OpenVMS computing environment, securing relational databases, and implementing AS/400 Security.

The report also discusses the future of network security and includes suggestions on how companies can combat security risks.



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