Legal Issues in the Global Information Society

by Salzburg Center for International Legal Studies

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Publication Date: Monday, August 29, 2005
Number of Pages: 758
ISBN: 0379215160

Book Summary:
Leading law firms from around the world analyze the most pressing legal issues facing the UN World Summit on the Information Society in the first and only book to cover the information technology treaty recommendations. This authoritative text provides in-depth analysis of the topics
discussed at the November 2005 Tunis Summit. Expert attorneys examine the twelve major topics under discussion, from internet regulation and intellectual property rights to cryptography and taxation, to aid in constructing a legal framework for a global information society. This timely publication
is the blueprint for the global digital revolution
Topics analyzed include:
BL Copyright challenges of the digital age

Cryptography and electronic signatures
BL Data protection and trans-border data flows BL Domain names
BL Fair use and permitted public use of data
BL Formation of contracts through email and the Internet
BL Intellectual property rights ? patents
BL Internet regulation
BL Liability for defective software
BL Resolution of disputes over information technology
BL Technology, privacy and surveillance.



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