Won for All: How the Drosophila Genome Was Sequenced

by Michael Ashburner

Publisher: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
Publication Date: Wednesday, March 01, 2006
Number of Pages: 100
ISBN: 0879698020

Book Summary:
This is the story of the sequencing of the fly genome told by one of the participants, Michael Ashburner. Written in a diary-like form, half the story is told in the numerous footnotes. A delightful, candid, irreverent, on-the-scene tale filled with eccentric personalities all focused on a single goal. The book also contains a Prologue that puts Drosophila as a model system in historical context, and an Epilogue that discusses the impact the genome sequence had on the study of Drosophila. Also included are drawings by Lewis Miller of some of the principal characters



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