CERNER: From Vision to Value

by Jeffrey L. Rodengen

Publisher: Write Stuff Enterprises
Publication Date: Saturday, April 01, 2006
Number of Pages: 176
ISBN: 1932022112

Book Summary:
For over 26 years, Cerner has been a leading healthcare information technology supplier, developing groundbreaking solutions to help clinicians organize and access medical data. Cerner has not only improved the overall operational efficiency of healthcare, but ensured a safer environment for patients around the world. More Americans die each year as a result of medical error than from motor vehicle accidents, breast cancer, and AIDS. Cerner has endeavored to reduce these tragedies by automating and connecting fragmented medical solutions. When the company?s founders?Neal Patterson, Cliff Illig, and Paul Gorup?first came together in 1979 to launch Cerner, information technology (IT) was still a new concept within the healthcare industry. Most facilities still relied on paper medical charts and handwritten files to keep track of patient records. Through its solutions, Cerner has developed a more cohesive infrastructure, in which caregivers have straightforward and effective access to computerized clinical systems, patient records, and billing processes. Cerner solutions extend across the full spectrum of medicine, from radiology to pharmaceutical care. By investing in long-term growth, Cerner has managed to remain on the cusp of the exploding healthcare IT industry. Cerner continues to broaden its market presence and further specialize its solutions portfolio. Working in conjunction with the best hospitals and clinics in the United States and abroad, the company also provides assistance to international and statewide initiatives in its effort to integrate medical data. Cerner has grown to generate more than $1 billion a year, and a significant aspect of this success lies in the loyalty of its nearly 7,000 associates. Cerner: From Vision to Value is a tribute to the diligence of these associates in their quest to deliver superior medical care to patients, while controlling the costs of healthcare services as they confidently look towards the future.



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