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Biotechnology Books
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871 - 880 of 1000 Most Recent Biotechnology Books, Journals and Periodicals Page 88 of 100 Pages

Gray MatterGray Matter
by Gary Braver
Publisher: Forge Books
Publication Date: Saturday, September 14, 2002
Description: Rachel Whitman has everything. Shes young, attractive, and affluent. Her husband is the brilliant CEO of his own thriving company. They have a big new house and all the brand-name toys that go along with wealth. And they have a gorgeous, sweet little six-year-old son named Dylan.But Dylan has learning...more

Discovering Genomics, Proteomics, and BioinformaticsDiscovering Genomics, Proteomics, and Bioinformatics
by A. Malcolm Campbell, Laurie J. Heyer
Publisher: Benjamin Cummings
Publication Date: Friday, September 13, 2002

Discovering Genomics, Proteomics, and Bioinformatics combines integrated Web exercises with a problem-solving approach to train readers in basic hands-on genomic analysis. The authors present global problems, then provide the tools of genomic analysis to help readers dissect the answer, thus encouraging critical thinking skills. Short boxed readings called "Math...more

Fundamental Concepts of BioinformaticsFundamental Concepts of Bioinformatics
by Dan E. Krane, Michael L. Raymer
Publisher: Benjamin Cummings
Publication Date: Thursday, September 12, 2002

Fundamental Concepts of Bioinformatics is the first book co-authored by a biologist and computer scientist that is specifically designed to make bioinformatics accessible and provide readers for more advanced work. Readers learn what programs are available for analyzing data, how to understand the basic algorithms that underlie these...more

The Chemical of Medical and Dental Materials (Rsc Materials Monographs)The Chemical of Medical and Dental Materials (Rsc Materials Monographs)
by J.W. Nicholson
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry
Publication Date: Tuesday, September 10, 2002
Description: Implants into the human body, such as hip joints, heart valves and dental crowns, have been increasingly used over the last 40 years or so, and many patients have benefited from their use. But how much is known about the metals, ceramics and polymers that are used in these repairs?||This...more

Meta-Analysis of Controlled Clinical Trials (Statistics in Practice)Meta-Analysis of Controlled Clinical Trials (Statistics in Practice)
by Anne Whitehead
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Publication Date: Monday, September 09, 2002
Description: Over the last twenty years there has been a dramatic upsurge in the application of meta-analysis to medical research. This has mainly been due to greater emphasis on evidence-based medicine and the need for reliable summaries of the vast and expanding volume of clinical research. At the same time there...more


Cross-over Trials in Clinical Research (Statistics in Practice)Cross-over Trials in Clinical Research (Statistics in Practice)
by Stephen Senn
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Publication Date: Monday, September 09, 2002
Description: Cross-over trials are an important class of design used in the pharmaceutical industry and medical research, and their use continues to grow. Cross-over Trials in Clinical Research, Second Edition has been fully updated to include the latest methodology used in the design and analysis of cross-over trials. It includes more...more

Design of Biomedical Devices and SystemsDesign of Biomedical Devices and Systems
by Paul King, Richard Fries
Publisher: CRC
Publication Date: Tuesday, September 03, 2002

Analyzing product conception through to delivery in actual industry examples, Design of Biomedical Devices and Systems considers issues in the industrial design process exactly as they would arise in real-world applications, divulging valuable trade secrets within topics like materials selection, safety, prototyping, premarket testing and validation, liability, and learning from...more

An Introduction to Tissue-Biomaterial InteractionsAn Introduction to Tissue-Biomaterial Interactions
by Kay C. Dee, David A. Puleo, Rena Bizios
Publisher: Wiley-Liss
Publication Date: Monday, September 02, 2002
Description: An Introduction to Tissue-Biomaterial Interactions acquaints an undergraduate audience with the fundamental biological processes that influence these sophisticated, cutting-edge procedures. Chapters one through three provide more detail about the molecular-level events that happen at the tissue-implant interface, while chapters four through ten explore selected material, biological, and physiological consequences of...more

Crab Wars: A Tale of Horseshoe Crabs, Bioterrorism, and Human HealthCrab Wars: A Tale of Horseshoe Crabs, Bioterrorism, and Human Health
by William Sargent
Publisher: University Press of New England
Publication Date: Sunday, September 01, 2002
Description: Surviving almost unmolested for 300 million years, the horseshoe crab is now the object of an intense legal and ethical struggle involving marine biologists, environmentalists, US government officials, biotechnologists, and international corporations. The source of this friction is the discovery 25 years ago that the blood of these ancient creatures...more

The Social Construction of Trust (Clinical Sociology: Research and Practice)The Social Construction of Trust (Clinical Sociology: Research and Practice)
by Linda R. Weber, Allison I. Carter
Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers
Publication Date: Sunday, September 01, 2002
Description: Based on in-depth interviews designed to determine what trust is, how it is built, and how it is destroyed, this important new resource provides extensive insight into the fundamental process of interpersonal trust in the day-to-day lives of average people. The Social Construction of Trust furnishes qualitative data analysis and...more

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