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Biotechnology Books
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981 - 990 of 1000 Most Recent Biotechnology Books, Journals and Periodicals Page 99 of 100 Pages

Design and Analysis of Quality of Life Studies in Clinical TrialsDesign and Analysis of Quality of Life Studies in Clinical Trials
by Diane L. Fairclough
Publisher: Chapman & Hall/CRC
Publication Date: Thursday, March 28, 2002

The evaluation of health-related Quality of Life (QoL) is frequently included in clinical trials. Often, the investigators designing the trials are unaware of the unique measurement and analytical issues associated with the assessment of health-related QoL. This book presents these measurements, analytical issues, and a range of solutions in a...more

Glossary of Biotechnology Terms, Third EditionGlossary of Biotechnology Terms, Third Edition
by Kimball Nill
Publisher: CRC
Publication Date: Wednesday, March 27, 2002

As a result of biotechnology becoming a highly controversial area, non-technical people, such as lobbyists and public relations people, have had to quickly become conversant about a topic that is highly technical. This glossary aims to provide concise definitions of terms for readers unfamiliar to the area and for persons...more

Clinical Drug Trials and Tribulations, Second Edition, (Drugs and the Pharmaceutical Sciences: a Series of Textbooks and Monographs)Clinical Drug Trials and Tribulations, Second Edition, (Drugs and the Pharmaceutical Sciences: a Series of Textbooks and Monographs)
by Cato
Publisher: Informa Healthcare
Publication Date: Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Aimed at those already involved in drug development or those considering entering the field, Clinical Drug Trials and Tribulations, Second Edition comprehensibly addresses the new, day-to-day challenges of drug development with valuable assessments of the areas affecting the conduction of nonclinical and clinical studies. Addressing which decisions should be...more

Mass Spectrometry in Cancer ResearchMass Spectrometry in Cancer Research
by John Roboz
Publisher: CRC
Publication Date: Monday, March 25, 2002

Covering principles and techniques of mass spectrometry, this book also discusses relevant concepts of cancer medicine and biology. Mass Spectrometry in Cancer Research details the identification, metabolism and dosimetry of carcinogens as well as the pharmacokinetics and metabolism of antineoplastic agents. This book also examines techniques and applications in cancer...more

Statistics Applied to Clinical Trials Second EditionStatistics Applied to Clinical Trials Second Edition
by Ton J. Cleophas, Toine F. Cleophas, Aeilko H. Zwinderman
Publisher: Springer
Publication Date: Wednesday, March 20, 2002
Description: In 1948 the first randomized controlled trial was published by the English Medical Research Council in the British Medical Journal. Until then, observations had been uncontrolled. Initially, trials frequently did not confirm hypotheses to be tested. This phenomenon was attributed to low sensitivity due to small samples, as well as...more


Microbial Fundamentals of BiotechnologyMicrobial Fundamentals of Biotechnology
by Collaborative Research Centres
Publisher: Wiley-VCH
Publication Date: Tuesday, March 19, 2002
Description: The book reports research results from different disciplines.Topics include isolation and structure determination of new antibiotics and other biologically active secondary metabolites, biosynthesis of antibiotics in particular lantibiotics, nikkomycins and glycosyl antibiotics, mode of action of bacterial protein toxins, import and export of proteins, active transport and regulation of...more

Psychologische Diagnostik und Intervention (Springer-Lehrbuch)Psychologische Diagnostik und Intervention (Springer-Lehrbuch)
by Manfred Amelang, Werner Zielinski, T. Fydrich, H. Moosburger
Publisher: Springer
Publication Date: Wednesday, March 13, 2002
Description: Wie schon die beiden Vorauflagen bietet auch diese 3. Auflage eine kompakte Darstellung der Verknüpfung von Psychologischer Diagnostik und Intervention und eine stringente Verbindung von Lehre und Praxis mit gezieltem Blick auf das Notwendige und Prüfungsrelevante. Die klare Struktur und leserfreundliche Didaktik erleichtern den Zugang zum Fachgebiet und tragen wesentlich...more

Biological Science: Cell/Genetics (Volume 1)Biological Science: Cell/Genetics (Volume 1)
by Scott Freeman
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Publication Date: Thursday, March 07, 2002
Description: Infused with the spirit of inquiry, Freeman's Biological Science helps teach readers the fundamentals while introducing them to the excitement that drives the science. By presenting unifying concepts and methods of analysis, this book helps its readers learn to think like biologists and gives them the tools they need for...more

SPSS in Practice: An Illustrated GuideSPSS in Practice: An Illustrated Guide
by Basant K. Puri
Publisher: A Hodder Arnold Publication
Publication Date: Thursday, March 07, 2002
Description: SPSS in Practice provides a guide to statistical analysis of data using the latest (10th) version of SOSS. The concise text is highly illustrated with screen shots that take you step-by-step through data entry, the choice of the appropriate test, and the implementation and interpretation of the test selected. Whether...more

Interfacial Enzyme KineticsInterfacial Enzyme Kinetics
by Otto G. Berg, Mahendra Kumar Jain
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Publication Date: Tuesday, March 05, 2002
Description: A vast number of biochemical reactions are catalysed by molecules fixed to the surface of membranes (or other biological structures) with molecules in the surrounding solution. The study of the mechanisms at these "Biointerfaces" are becoming increasingly important for the understanding of biological catalysts, such as enzymes. This project is...more

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