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Genomics Books
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711 - 720 of 1000 Most Recent Genomics Books, Journals and Periodicals Page 72 of 100 Pages

Finding Mutations (The Basics Series)Finding Mutations (The Basics Series)
by J.r. Hawkins
Publisher: BIOS Scientific Publ
Publication Date: Friday, August 15, 1997
Description: Many different kinds of mutation can occur in a genome, from large-scale chromosomal rearrangements to small-scale point mutations. This range requires a variety of techniques to detect them; the most difficult is the point mutation, with several alternative techniques available, the
suitability of each varying from gene to gene and...more

The Clock of Ages: Why We Age, How We Age, Winding Back the ClockThe Clock of Ages: Why We Age, How We Age, Winding Back the Clock
by John J. Medina
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication Date: Wednesday, August 13, 1997
Description: A few gray hairs and a couple of wrinkles are often the first visible signs of aging on our bodies. For most of us, however, aging remains largely a mystery. We can only wonder why we have to age and what casualty of age hovers nearby. Written in...more

by Philip Kitcher
Publisher: Free Press
Publication Date: Monday, August 04, 1997
Description: We stand at the edge, it seems, of a biotechnology revolution that may change society as fundamentally as has the information age. Philip Kitcher's The Lives to Come explains what biotechnology holds in store and grapples with the seemingly intractable moral and ethical questions that it raises: When should genetic...more

Biodiversity: Exploring Values and Priorities in ConservationBiodiversity: Exploring Values and Priorities in Conservation
by Dan L. Perlman, Glenn Adelson
Publisher: Blackwell Publishing, Incorporated
Publication Date: Friday, August 01, 1997
Description: Biodiversity is becoming a buzzword in science and the environmental movement, and is increasingly being taught in university degree courses. This new text is designed as a primer, giving non-specialists an introduction to the historical context, current debates and ongoing research in the ...more

Evolutionary Quantitative GeneticsEvolutionary Quantitative Genetics
by Derek A. Roff
Publisher: Springer
Publication Date: Tuesday, July 15, 1997
Description: This new textbook in quantitative genetics incorporates an evolutionary viewpoint, combining the theoretical basis of quantitative genetics with respect to evolution in natural populations and various statistical methods of analysis. Topics of current research such as genetic correlation and phenotypic plasticity are included. The book addresses the current problems in...more


Comprehensive Toxicology : BiotransformationComprehensive Toxicology : Biotransformation
by F.P. Guengerich
Publisher: Pergamon
Publication Date: Tuesday, July 01, 1997

This volume deals with the enzymatic processes involved in the biotransformation of toxic and potentially toxic chemicals. The first section provides introductory material on general aspects of history, regulation, mechanism, inhibition, and stimulation of the enzymes in this group. The bulk of the volume is comprised of chapters dealing with...more

Comprehensive Toxicology : Cardiovascular ToxicologyComprehensive Toxicology : Cardiovascular Toxicology
by S.P. Bishop, W.D. Kerns
Publisher: Pergamon
Publication Date: Tuesday, July 01, 1997
Description: This volume contains a comprehensive review of basic cardiovascular anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology as well as a detailed analysis of the various classes of compounds affecting the heart and blood vessels. Cardiovascular biology will include embryologic development, physiology, and molecular pharmacology of the system. Methods for evaluation of the heart...more

Differentially Expressed Genes In PlantsDifferentially Expressed Genes In Plants
by Axel Kornerup Hansen
Publisher: CRC
Publication Date: Tuesday, June 24, 1997
Description: The analysis of changes in gene activity in tissues and cells of plants is a way of measuring developmental and environmental responses. This volume provides detailed accounts of new and established techniques used to carry out such ...more

Essays on Genetic Evolution and EconomicsEssays on Genetic Evolution and Economics
by Terence Charles Burnham
Publication Date: Sunday, June 22, 1997
Description: Ever since Charles Darwin published The Origin of Species in 1859, genetic evolutionary theory has increasingly served as the foundation for fields that deal with organisms that arose by natural selection. This thesis argues that economic theory should integrate with Darwinian theory through the creation of a "genetic evolutionary economics"....more

Models for GeneticsModels for Genetics
by Wolfgang Balzer, Chris M. Dawe
Publisher: Peter Lang Publishing
Publication Date: Sunday, June 01, 1997
Description: The major, basic models of genetic theories are for the first time reconstructed in a precise and perspicuous way. The book aims at foundational clarification. It shows how the different branches of genetics are systematically related, how they differ from each other, and how they can be compared with each...more

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