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There has been an increasing interest pursuing a career in biotechnology and health informatics. Searching for biotech jobs and informatics jobs in the past have been labeled as something of a rollercoaster ride due to the highly specialized nature of the jobs involved. The advertisements of the job vacancies were hard to come by and a lot of positions were filled by recommendations through word of mouth.

However an increasing investment in the biotech industry and a strong push to digitize health care has seen in increase over the last few years in the number of positions available. However there has also been an increase in the number of graduates from biotech and health informatics disciplines, leading to an increase in competition in biotech jobs and health informatics jobs.

We at understand how taunting it can be looking for biotech and informatics jobs and thus developed a website dedicated to those disciplines. Finding biotech jobs and informatics jobs has never been easier. We search throughout the Internet to look for biotech jobs and informatics jobs.

You can do a simple search or browse through our jobs categories to find biotech and informatics jobs that would of interest to you.

Use our new "Job Trends" features to track trends in the health informatics and biotech jobs market and use the "Salary Wizard" to find out how much you are worth.

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