Events and Conferences

Biotechnology and Healthcare IT Events

Please read the following before submitting your event or conference.

  • Where do I send my event or conference details?
    Please send the details to
  • What kind of Event or Conference will be accepted?
    We are interested in events or conferences focusing on the health informatics and biotechnology industries, that would be of interest to professionals in these fields. We would not publish on our website events or conferences not relevant to these fields.
  • How do I know if my Event or Conference will be Published?
    Only those events or conferences that we consider of being of direct interest to our website visitors will be published. If we decide to publish your event or conference details, it will appear within two weeks after we receive it. Check our website to see if your event or conference has been published.
  • Do I have to be an Advertiser to get my Event or Conference Published?
    No. The only requirement is that we feel that the event or conference will be of interest to our website visitors.



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