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Date of Publication: Monday, February 13, 2006

SoftMed Systems Announces Hosted Solution for Transcription, Speech Recognition and Computer-Aided Medical Transcription

ChartScript ASP Will Boost Transcription Productivity, Lower Costs
SAN DIEGO -- SoftMed Systems, a leading provider of healthcare information solutions, today announced the release of ChartScript(R) ASP, a hosted solution for transcription, speech recognition and computer-aided medical transcription. ChartScript ASP enables healthcare facilities and transcription providers to take advantage of the latest in transcription technology without the resource expense and capital investment costs of maintaining a large transcription portal and speech recognition server. Additionally, in a hosted environment, the investment costs can be shared among multiple enterprises.

Today, healthcare facilities are faced with rising transcription costs, a shrinking labor pool of transcriptionists, and increased documentation demands. ChartScript ASP is designed to help facilities maximize transcription productivity, reduce costs and turnaround time, and improve transcription quality and accuracy with deferred speech recognition. The cost-effective solution allows hospitals to augment their transcription services without large upfront costs and the ongoing IT support costs associated with owning technology. The product can be utilized by in-house transcriptionists or outsourced transcription services.

ChartScript ASP uses a deferred speech recognition engine that produces "Ready to Edit" drafts for transcriptionists. The speech recognition engine incorporates SoftMed's patent-pending SyncStream(TM) technology, a tool designed to boost productivity of computer-aided medical transcription. SyncStream is a natural language processing tool that automatically assembles document text according to a facility's specific standards. SyncStream further assists transcriptionists by formatting speech recognition results into a document that looks and feels like a traditionally transcribed document. In addition, SoftMed's deferred speech recognition solution requires no change in physicians' preferred dictation habits.

"ChartScript ASP offers facilities a no-risk solution to improve transcription production and document creation," said Don Segal, CEO of SoftMed Systems. "SoftMed is committed to developing products that leverage technologies to reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies and data accuracy for patient care documentation."

In addition to ChartScript ASP, SoftMed offers ChartScript.Net(TM), a Web browser-based document creation tool. ChartScript.Net is hosted by a hospital using their web-server environment, which allows transcription work to occur remotely. ChartScript ASP and ChartScript.Net feature productivity-focused medical transcription tools, including: keyboard shortcuts to reduce keystrokes, standard word processing function keys, data select versus data entry, and integrated voice playback. Both solutions also create automatic "speaker profiles" from past dictation and transcription results.

"SoftMed now offers the most complete range of options in the marketplace to manage transcription costs," said Segal. "Healthcare facilities of all sizes have the option of a tailored solution that meets their speech recognition and CA-MT needs, in either a hosted or non-hosted environment."

ChartScript ASP and ChartScript.Net integrate with ChartScript(R), SoftMed's document management and distribution product and VoiceScript(R), a voice management system that supports and automates all dictation technologies. Both solutions can also integrate with ChartFax(R), for document distribution; ESA(R), for online document signature; RAAS(R) DL, for extended document storage; ChartView(R), which enables document viewing from any location; and third-party voice acquisition tools.

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