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Date of Publication: Monday, February 13, 2006

Jefferson City Medical Group Selects Double-Take(R) for Disaster Recovery

Provides Reliable Backup and Security to Electronic Medical Records
SAN DIEGO -- NSI Software, Inc. (NSI(R)), the maker of Double-Take(R), today announced that Jefferson City Medical Group has chosen Double-Take to protect its electronic medical records system, adding secure backup and recovery capabilities to its server environment in the event of a disaster.

"Due to the strict HIPAA regulations concerning data backup and disaster recovery of patient health information, healthcare providers and other HIPAA covered entities are looking for reliable, cost effective solutions that help them comply with a myriad of requirements," said Bob Roudebush , director of solutions engineering at NSI Software. "As such, we have seen an increasing demand for real-time replication and availability solutions. Double-Take helps these organizations address the confidentiality, integrity and availability requirements of electronic patient information by replicating critical data in real-time and making sure that patient systems remain available during a disaster or system failure."

Jefferson City Medical Group (JCMG) is an independent multi-specialty healthcare group that is committed to providing the very best in compassionate and comprehensive healthcare to its patients. With 65 physicians and nurse practitioners and more than 500 employees at its six locations, the group provides a one-stop shop for a variety of patients' healthcare requirements.

With the need to have constant access to patient records, paired with concern over recent natural disasters, the group decided to look at backup and recovery options for its electronic medical records system. The staff required a cost-effective, reliable solution that would successfully protect important patient data in the event of a computer failure or natural disaster. JCMG's consulting group, Integrated Solutions Group, suggested they review NSI Software's Double-Take solution.

"If the billing or accounting systems fail for a period of time, we can still see our patients," said Phil Hartman, director of information services at JCMG. "But our medical records system is the core of serving our patients and that cannot be compromised. We looked at a number of storage solutions, such as disk warehouses and server farms, but they did not provide the availability and cost-effectiveness that comes with Double-Take."

Impressed with Double-Take's ease of use and compatibility with a Microsoft(R) Windows(R) environment, JCMG installed the software onto its electronic medical records system. In accordance with their documented disaster recovery and contingency plans, the staff simulated the failure of a production system and attempted to recover the data and make the system available from their remote location in Columbia, Mo.

"Double-Take far exceeded our expectations," said Hartman. "We didn't lose any information, which gave us a great sense of validation and security. Double-Take is a valuable investment and gives us a high comfort level that our patients' records are always getting backed up."

Double-Take in the Healthcare Industry

NSI Software's Double-Take provides disaster recovery, backup and emergency mode operations to numerous healthcare organizations, helping them comply with Health Information Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements. As an integral part to these organizations' data and systems contingency plans, Double-Take ensures that patient data is always available in accordance with their privacy and security standards. In addition, the continuous protection and near-immediate failover of Double-Take ensure that patient information systems will be protected and resilient in the event of a disaster.

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