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Date of Publication: Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Northwestern Memorial Hospital Deploys MobileAccess Universal Wireless Network

Comprehensive Wireless System Delivers Facility-Wide Mobility to Enhance Patient Care
SAN DIEGO -- MobileAccess Networks, an enterprise wireless innovator, today announced that Northwestern Memorial Hospital is installing its Universal Wireless Network throughout the hospital's Chicago campus. MobileAccess will support a full range of wireless interpersonal, clinical, and building services and applications throughout the hospital on a common infrastructure. In particular, the Universal Wireless Network will provide extensive support for clinical systems, computerized physician order entry (CPOE), public cellular services, and nurse-call systems, among others.

Northwestern Memorial planned to obtain a comprehensive wireless platform that could support a broad array of wireless devices, applications and services throughout its facilities, and extend to the new Prentice Women's Hospital, scheduled to open in Fall 2007. Additionally, Northwestern Memorial sought a wireless infrastructure that could readily add new services or extend coverage to multiple buildings on campus. Northwestern Memorial selected the MobileAccess Universal Wireless Network after a thorough evaluation of its technical and functional requirements and review of proposed solutions from the leading in-building wireless system providers.

"Northwestern Memorial has made it a priority to obtain technology that helps us continue offering high-value, patient-centered care," said Tim Zoph, vice president of information systems and chief information officer for Northwestern Memorial Hospital. "MobileAccess' wireless technology will allow caregivers to more quickly and securely get the information they need from multiple points within the hospital, and the system provides flexibility to support a wide variety of devices."

"Northwestern Memorial Hospital is undertaking an ambitious program to improve patient care by ensuring that doctors, nurses and staff have secure access to critical patient information anywhere, at any time," said Cathy Zatloukal, president and CEO of MobileAccess. "With its inherent flexibility and manageability, the MobileAccess Universal Wireless Network is the ideal foundation to support Northwestern Memorial's mobile medical devices, applications and services and to meet the hospital's on-going wireless needs. MobileAccess is both honored and delighted to have been selected by Northwestern Memorial as their in-building wireless partner."

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