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Healthcare IT and Biotechnology News Release
Date of Publication: Wednesday, February 15, 2006

CapMed Announces Collaboration with SureScripts(R) to Enable Patients to Retrieve Medication History

CapMed, a division of Bio-Imaging Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ/NMS: BITI), a leader in personal health management solutions, has announced its commitment to work with SureScripts, the nation's largest provider of electronic prescribing services
NEWTOWN, Penn. -- CapMed, a division of Bio-Imaging Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ/NMS: BITI), a leader in personal health management solutions, has announced its commitment to work with SureScripts, the nation's largest provider of electronic prescribing services. The collaboration will enable patients using CapMed's personal health record software to retrieve their medication history from their community pharmacy through the SureScripts electronic prescribing network.

SureScripts medication history service in combination with CapMed's personal health record solutions will create a more efficient, safe and effective opportunity for patients and physicians to avoid drug-to-drug interactions and manage complex medication regimens or ongoing maintenance therapies. These capabilities are based on the data residing in the patient's pharmacy record. Pharmacy data contains valuable clinical information such as the instructions that accompany prescriptions, information related to allergies and the dates on which medications are dispensed.

Today's announcement underscores CapMed's mission to empower patients to be active partners in their health care and enable improved communications between patients and providers.

Before making the medication history service available to patients, CapMed will work with SureScripts on a rigorous certification process guided by HIPAA compliance rules and state privacy laws, and the adoption of strict methods for ensuring confidentiality and authentication.

Once certified by SureScripts, CapMed's core products, the Personal HealthKey(TM) (portable technology using a patent-pending secure USB application) and the CapMed Personal Health Record(TM) (PHR) CD-ROM, coupled with CapMed's secure online PHR application, will enable patients to electronically populate their CapMed personal health management solutions with medication history data directly from their providers and pharmacy. This data will in turn link the patients to personalized patient education, relevant products and services, enable them to check for medication and OTC interactions, and trigger automatic reminders and alerts. Benefits include improved patient-provider communications, as well as improved compliance and persistency with medication therapy regimens.

CapMed will also allow patients to update their records with self-entered information, such as over-the-counter (OTC) medications and neutraceuticals, which patients often forget to disclose to providers leading to potentially fatal interactions. CapMed also enables patients to populate their personal health management solutions with claims data, physician medical records, home monitoring devices, as well as self-entry.

"On the heels of this week's medication history service launch, the industry is clearly recognizing the vital role that community pharmacy plays in improving patient safety and the quality of nation's healthcare," said Kevin Hutchinson, SureScripts president and CEO and a member of Secretary Leavitt's AHIC group. "We are pleased to be working with CapMed to provide consumers with secure, confidential and private access to important information regarding their health."

"We are very excited about this collaboration with SureScripts" said Wendy Angst, General Manager of CapMed. "Providing patients access to their medication histories from community pharmacies is a significant step towards empowering consumers to be partners in their care, and towards supporting the federal government's goal of an electronic medical record for every American by 2014."

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