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Healthcare IT and Biotechnology News Release
Date of Publication: Friday, February 17, 2006

Millenia Hope Acquires Cutting-Edge Biopharma Platform

Millenia Subsidiary to Commercialize Unique Technology
WILMINGTON, Del. -- Millenia Hope Inc., a biopharma corporation (BULLETIN BOARD: MLHP) , is pleased to announce that its Canadian subsidiary, Millenia Hope Biopharma (MH-B), has purchased the Intellectual property, scientific expertise and the research facilities of the former Avance Pharma.

Avance Pharma is one of the world's leading bio-research firms in Phytomic Technology, the commercialization of plant cell cultures. Avance has spent over $30 million in creating its unique technology, including the world's largest collection of highly purified phyto-chemical fractions to be utilized in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutraceutical industry. Because of its cutting-edge technology, Avance Pharma has been the recipient of several R&D grants.

MH-B, retaining Avance's world-class research personnel and all of its operating assets and facilities, is diligently working to complete the initial commercialization of several projects with leading multi-national corporations. These projects will produce immediate revenues, milestone payments and future royalties, based on their specific criteria.

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