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Date of Publication: Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Misys Healthcare Systems Partners with Precision Healthcare Delivery and Sterling Medical Consultants to Make Misys Solutions Available to 200 Offices

Integrated EMR Solution Will Enhance Office Efficiencies for Practices of All Sizes
RALEIGH, N.C. -- Misys Healthcare Systems, a market leader in healthcare IT, today announced it has partnered with Precision Healthcare Delivery (PHD) and Sterling Medical Consultants to offer Misys EMR(R) to physicians at two Kentucky Independent Physician Associations (IPAs). With these exclusive partnerships in place, clients utilizing PHD or Sterling for physician services can quickly and easily implement the innovative Misys solution in their practices. These clients are the Association of Primary Care Physicians and The Physicians' Network, which represent over 900 physicians and more than 20 specialties in 200 offices throughout Kentucky.

"PHD sought an EMR solution that was easy-to-use, customizable, fast to implement and met the diverse needs of the physicians we represent, many of whom belong to smaller offices who lack the resources to evaluate vendors on their own," said Barbara Newton, chief operations officer, Precision Healthcare Delivery. "Quality and stability, along with competitive pricing, drove our decision in EMR selection. PHD chose Misys as an exclusive partner because it is an established and reliable company that offered us the best and most comprehensive value-add solution."

With Misys EMR, physicians spend less time on administrative details, ensuring that even the smallest physician offices have the resources available to focus on offering their patients the best care possible. Furthermore, Misys EMR integrates easily into any practice management solution, meeting the organization's interoperability needs.

Smaller physician offices in the IPAs also have the choice of utilizing an ASP model of Misys EMR with Sterling Medical Consultants. This option allows smaller physician offices, which may not have the expertise to support EMR technology, to implement technological innovations like Misys EMR to achieve the same efficiencies as their larger counterparts.

"Offering a dependable product like Misys EMR as an ASP model gives physicians another option for deploying an EMR solution," remarked Tom Samuels, president of Sterling Medical Consultants. "The partnership between Sterling and Misys helps the broadest range of our physicians improve administrative processes, regardless of size or specialty."

To further customize the Misys EMR solution for IPAs, Misys Healthcare Systems has the Clinical Community Partnership Program (CCPP) in place to offer opportunities for volume discounts, additional revenue streams, and the ability to exchange clinical data between all practices within the IPA.

"Misys Healthcare Systems is committed to providing for the needs of physicians in both large and small practices. Our goal is to offer a variety of solutions that can be tailored for any size practice, creating administrative, clinical and financial efficiencies that allow physicians to focus on quality patient care," explained Rob Kill, president of the Physician Systems Business Unit for Misys Healthcare Systems. "Our new partnerships with Precision Healthcare Delivery and Sterling Medical Consultants open the door for a large number of small Kentucky practices to reap the benefits of our innovative and market-leading EMR solution."

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