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Date of Publication: Friday, April 13, 2007

Scribe Launches New Medical Transcription Platform: Leader Expands on a Proven Technology

Reduced mousing allows medical transcriptionists to keep their fingers on the keyboard and light weight platform improves speed while lowering bandwidth requirements
Lake Forest, IL -- Scribe Healthcare Technologies, Inc. (, a leading healthcare technology company, today launched the Scribe MT Platform 5.0. MT Platfo rm 5.0 takes advantage of new technology to reduce mouse usage for medical transcriptionists. The new platform further reduces bandwidth requirements. The resulting improvements contribute to greater transcriptionist productivity.

"This industry has long needed a platform that catered to the transcriptionist. Scribe has listened to MT feedback and delivered a superior product that will increase MT productivity," said Mary Segress, Director of Operations, EFD Transcript ion. "Over the years new technologies have a track record of reducing our productivity."

Built specifically for the medical transcriptionists with feedback from the medical transcriptionists, Scribe MT Platform 5.0 has fewer pages, extensive use of hot keys, and intuitive workflow. The platform integrates address book, physician schedule, and auto-population fields to reduce errors and ensure timely document completion. Remote transcriptionists/QA persons are able to communicate directly with the dictating physician to create an environment similar to the days of in-house transcription.

Scribe technologies are modular and Web-based, leveraging the Internet and standard Microsoft applications. Scribe offers a variety of technologies that help hospitals, medical practices, and MTSO manage documentation workflow.

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