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Date of Publication: Thursday, October 18, 2007

Medical Device company uses InfoStrength for due diligence

Intelliject, a Medical Device company, expanded the use of the InfoStrength Smart Enterprise Suite for due diligence business processes
Durham, NC - Intelliject, a Medical Device company, expanded the use of the InfoStrength Smart Enterprise Suite for due diligence business processes

Intelliject implemented Infostrength Smart Enterprise Suite in order to provide a robust document warehouse for their quality system as their medical device moved through development. The company was also able to utilize InfoStrength's capabilities to strengthen its business as well. Evan Edwards, V.P. of Product Development and Co-Founder noted that, "We were surprised at not only how effective Infostrength Smart Enterprise Suite was in helping us to develop and maintain our documents in a controlled environment as a part of our Quality System development and maintenance, but also how InfoStrength Smart Enterprise Suite allowed us to organize and manage our business processes to meet our specific operational needs. For development stage companies, Infostrength can be used to coordinate between departments, store critical information such as Intellectual Property and Standard Operating Procedures as well as provide a tool for potential investors to collaboratively engage in due diligence.

About Intelliject, Inc
Intelliject, a medical device company headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, has developed an innovative and compact auto-injector platform which can be utilized for the production of several therapeutic delivery devices. Their flagship product, the EpiCard™, is a credit-card sized auto-injector used to deliver a dose of epinephrine, which is necessary to stabilize anyone having a severe allergic reaction. The innovative aspect of this product involves its compact size and development through the use of human factors engineering.

About InfoStrength
InfoStrength®, Inc., exclusively serving biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device companies with internationally recognized regulatory expertise, developed InfoStrength® Smart Enterprise Suite (SES) with an innovative software development methodology specifically created for FDA regulated environments. InfoStrength SES is a configurable, modular, web-based application solution specifically designed to address business and regulatory initiatives of life science companies. InfoStrength® SES enables sharing critical information while ensuring management control, milestone accountability and market differentiating collaboration. The InfoStrength® solution delivers document, project and process management along with regulatory compliance controls and a robust validation package.

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