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Date of Publication: Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Free EMR for Healthcare Professionals - Now Available in Ohio

FreeDOM is a sophisticated EMR/Practice Management program that is free to all healthcare practices with one or two providers. Larger practices pay a monthly fee based on the number of providers.
Health Data Services, Inc., (a medical records and practice management company) announces FreeDOM, its free integrated EMR and PM software solution for small healthcare offices is now available in Ohio. This marks the eleventh state for FreeDOM in its national distribution plan. Dan Brody, President of the twenty year old company, explained "As Chairman of Virginia Medicaid, I saw first hand that providers are suffering from smaller reimbursement coupled with rising costs. Smaller offices are particularly threatened by these changes. FreeDOM is a solution that will allow practices to not only survive these challenges but to grow and prosper."

FreeDOM is free to all healthcare practices with one or two providers. (Larger practices pay a monthly fee based on the number of providers.) Physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, podiatrists, mental health professionals, chiropractors, and physical therapists can all take advantage of FreeDOM. All a practice needs to do is visit, fill out the forms and agreement, download FreeDOM, and follow the simple installation instructions.

"A tremendous effort has been made to not only make FreeDOM easy to use but to design a Help System that allows the office staff to efficiently use FreeDOM without the expensive training mandated by older systems. We have taken the most modern tools and matched them to our extensive experience to create a better solution for small office providers. Two examples are the ability to access patient records from home or the hospital and automatic daily back-up," said Brody. Clearinghouse fees, elective services, and discrete advertising generate the revenue that support the free distribution and continued enhancements of FreeDOM.

NEW IN FreeDOM THIS MONTH - CLINICAL NOTES MACROS - Our new Clinical Notes Macros make it easy to construct your own EMR templates or template components.

Health Data Services has been providing practice management and electronic medical records software and support, clearinghouse services, statement print and mail services, data storage and back-up services to healthcare providers since 1988. Any questions can be addressed to jdove @

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