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Surgical Information Systems
Surgical Information Systems is a private company dedicated specifically to software and services for the O.R. As a provider of perioperative information systems, Surgical Information Systems (SIS) is dedicated to improving the quality, organization, delivery and outcomes of surgical services through the use of technology.
Tags: Industry, Healthcare IT, Clinical Anesthesia Software

eko systems, inc
Frontiers, eko systems’ flagship product, offers a completely integrated clinical information management solution that covers the entire spectrum of perioperative care (pre-operative clinic, pre-operative holding, operating room, recovery room and post-operative rounds).
Tags: Industry, Healthcare IT, Clinical Anesthesia Software

GE Healthcare
GE Healthcare develops Centricity Perioperative, which is a clinical information system that integrates data across the continuum of the surgical process. The anesthesia software allows for the monitoring of patients and instantly access their histories and test results, while the surgical software schedules, manages materials, and evaluates the true costs of every case through real-time tracking and cost analysis.
Tags: Industry, Healthcare IT, Clinical Anesthesia Software

eAnesthesiaSoftware is a private healthcare software company that provides solutions to hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, office-based practices, and education sites with mobile technology to improve many aspects of the delivery of healthcare, especially patient safety.
Tags: Industry, Healthcare IT, Clinical Anesthesia Software

Medical Knowledge Institute
The Medical Knowledge Institute® is an international for profit organization based in the Netherlands and is committed to providing mature and practical solutions for a variety of healthcare issues to organizations, governments, individuals, developing and transitional countries.
Tags: Industry, Healthcare IT, Clinical Database Applications

InterSystems flagship products, Caché and Ensemble, are designed to help IT professionals build, run, and integrate applications faster. Delivering speed, scalability, and reliability, all backed by worldwide 24 x 7 support, InterSystems’ technology powers critical applications used every day by over 3 million people in the healthcare industry.
Tags: Industry, Healthcare IT, Clinical Database Applications

Oracle applications, from Oracle Financials through Supply Chain Management, are designed to streamline all healthcare processes, helping manage huge volumes of patients medical and insurance information. And the Oracle Healthcare Transaction Base integrates critical data from all source applications, to give a true 360-degree view into a healthcare organization.
Tags: Industry, Healthcare IT, Clinical Database Applications

Plain Software
Plain Software develops the Plain Clinical Database which contains clinical content utilised by TAS Version 4, TAS Odyssey and FaceToFace Odyssey. The database contains nearly 400 assessment guidelines and protocols each linked to triage, treatment and advice guidelines.
Tags: Industry, Healthcare IT, Clinical Database Applications
An online community for nursing informatics professionals providing news, discussion, info, & more.
Tags: On the Web, Health Informatics, Portals

Thermo Electron Corporation
Thermo Electron Corporation is the world leader in analytical instruments. Our instrument solutions enable our customers to make the world a healthier, cleaner and safer place. Thermo's Life and Laboratory Sciences segment provides analytical instruments, scientific equipment, services and software solutions for life science, drug discovery, clinical, environmental and industrial laboratories. Thermo's Measurement and Control segment is dedicated to providing analytical instruments used in a variety of manufacturing processes and in-the-field applications, including those associated with safety and homeland security. Based near Boston, Massachusetts, Thermo has revenues of more than $2 billion, and employs approximately 10,000 people in 30 countries.
Tags: Industry, Healthcare IT, Laboratory Information Systems

Clinical Informatics Associates, Inc.
Clinical Informatics Associates, Inc. delivers custom scalable software solutions for medium to large health care organizations. The company also provides a wide range of Information Technology consulting and system integration services for the health care market.
Tags: Industry, Healthcare IT, Clinical Decision Support

Emergin, Inc.
Emergin has created a plug-and-play integration platform that enables enterprise organizations to orchestrate people, processes and technologies.  Emergin's focus on open, vendor-neutral and device independent solutions helps customers leverage existing IT assets and significantly reduce operating costs. 
Tags: Industry, Healthcare IT, Clinical Decision Support

iKnowMed provides Electronic Medical Record (EMR) technology that helps clinicians feel more confident in their practice of cancer care.
Tags: Industry, Healthcare IT, Clinical Decision Support

MedVue provides data visualization solutions to the medical industry.  MedVue helps Hospitals, Medical Centers, 3rd party billing, DME,  Air Medical, and doctor organizations maximize their collections and patient care by giving administrators, billers, and doctors alike, instant access to vital company information.  
Tags: Industry, Healthcare IT, Clinical Decision Support

Misys Healthcare Systems
Misys Healthcare Systems, one of the top five healthcare IT companies in North America and a division of Misys plc, develops and supports reliable, easy-to-use software and services of exceptional quality that enable physicians and caregivers to more easily manage the complexities of healthcare. 
Tags: Industry, Healthcare IT, Clinical Decision Support

Adaptive TechSoft
CareWare® is a Hospital Management Information System, which covers Medical, Financial, Administrative, and Material Requisition and Resources Management in a healthcare environment. It uses many International standards such as ICD-9-CM, ICD-10, CPT and ISBT for blood transfusion. The CareWare® apply managed care rules in accordance to managed care contracts allowing Hospital management to monitor on a concurrent basis the actual expenditure of the patient vis-à-vis the contractual limits provided for in the managed care contract
Tags: Industry, Healthcare IT, Clinical Information Systems

athenahealth provides healthcare practitioners with a comprehensive answer to their practice management, billing and collection needs. They combine experienced insurance specialists, direct connectivity linking customers to payors and cutting-edge technology to create a multi-faceted suite of professional services that make today's practice management systems and billing services obsolete.
Tags: Industry, Healthcare IT, Clinical Information Systems

CareFacts has developed a Health Care Information System (HIS) for the community-based care industry, which includes the home care, public health, and hospice care segments.
Tags: Industry, Healthcare IT, Clinical Information Systems

CareScience, a QUOVADX division, is a leading provider of care management and clinical access solutions for healthcare providers throughout the country. CareScience develops and implements clinical technology solutions designed to reduce complications and medical errors, optimize patient flow, identify causes of problematic outcomes, and enable the secure exchange of clinical information within an enterprise or across a community. CareScience provides the technology and expertise, through training, integration, facilitation and management services, required to achieve change in clinical processes and practices - improving clinical, operational, and financial performance.
Tags: Industry, Healthcare IT, Clinical Information Systems

Cedaron offers turn-key software solutions for Cardiac Care, Physical Therapy, Hand Therapy, and Orthopedics - powerful software that enables superior outcomes and benchmarking against local, regional, or national standards.
Tags: Industry, Healthcare IT, Clinical Information Systems

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