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The National Association of the Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) defines telepharmacy as the "provision of pharmaceutical care through the use of telecommunications and information technologies to patient at a distance."1

Still a relatively new discipline, telepharmacy is being explored in areas of pharmaceutical practice such as increasing formulary compliance, simplifying pharmacy administration and reducing dispensing or other errors related to illegible handwritten prescriptions.2


The Veteran Health Association (VA) and rural hospitals like Allen Memorial in Moab are just some of the healthcare organisations that have begun to adopt telepharmacy as a means of reducing cost and linking centrally located pharmacists to remote patients.3 4

Telepharmacy has also been used to provide nighttime pharmaceutical services at a community hospital.5

Another area in which telepharmacy is being applied, is in the development of Internet pharmacies, which sell and deliver prescription medication as well as provide pharmaceutical care to patients. Medications ordered through these pharmacies are delivered through various mail delivery services.6

Licensure and legality issues have prompted the NABP to provide a verification system for Internet pharmacies on its website. The system is known as the Verified Internet Pharmacy System (VIPPS). Sites with the VIPPS seal have agreed to comply with US state and federal laws and regulations governing pharmacy practice. These sites must also agree to preserve patient’s confidentiality, provide authenticity and security of the prescription drug order, adhere to recognised quality assurance policies and provide for consultations with pharmacists.


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