Welcome to the Biohealthmatics.com Knowledge Center. This section is for those who are looking for a gentle introduction to biomedical informatics and some of its various components.

Biomedical informatics is an emerging discipline underlying the acquisition, maintenance, retrieval and application of knowledge and information in research, education, and service in health-related basic sciences, clinical disciplines, and health care administration with computer science, statistics, engineering, mathematics, information technologies and management.1 2


Biomedical informatics also provides the tools and skills needed for the development and application of new technology for improving patient care, medical education, health sciences and management for healthcare/hospital systems.

Biomedical informatics coalesces the related fields of Medical Informatics (now being named Health Informatics) and Bioinformatics. Health Informatics contains subsets such as Telemedicine, Clinical Informatics, and Dental Informatics, Pharmaceutical Informatics, Nursing Informatics and Public Health Informatics.

Central to both medical informatics and bioinformatics is the collection and analysis of information. While medical informatics is more concerned with structures and algorithms for the manipulation of the data and how it can be applied in healthcare, bioinformatics is more concerned with the data itself and its biological implications.3

Realtionship between Medical Informatics and Bioinformatics



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