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Tesla Biohealer

Tesla BioHealer | How Does BioHealing Work

Everyone ages. Exercise, diet and creams can help you slow the appearance of aging, yet time will always catch up with you. Why? Replacing old cells becomes less efficient as we age. Slowly, the old cells start to cause the body to “malfunction” and be less efficient. Tesla BioHealer works to keep your cells young and healthy.

If your old cells continue to be replaced and all cells are younger and healthier, it’s possible to:

  • Extend life
  • Enrich life
  • Make you feel vibrant and energetic

In fact, many people are exploring this technology as a way to help combat severe diseases and illnesses. We’re going to explore this technology further, review studies and examine a few products from the company.

If you’ve never heard of Tesla BioHealer or Tesla Med Beds, you’re missing out on potential breakthrough technology that can help promote “Life Force Energy.

What Is BioHealing?


Tesla’s BioHealer products promote “BioHealing.” And the concept is a bit different than what most products use. Instead, “Life Force Energy” is used to help people improve their health in potent, effective ways.

Life Force Energy is a natural force of energy that is discussed in many ancient texts, including:

  • India’s Prana
  • China’s Chi
  • Etc.

In scientific research, this same energy is called Scalar Energy or Tesla Energy.

The energy is produced via the sun and earth as photon light particles. If you walk into nature, you’ll feel this energy all around you.

But when you use Tesla BioHealer products, the energy is in greater concentrations and can promote faster healing, energy and more. If this sounds different, it is – but the products are FDA-registered OTC devices.

How Life Force Energy Can Improve Your Health

If you’ve never heard of Life Force Energy before, you’re likely scratching your head, thinking, “Okay, what can this do for my health exactly?” Your body is filled with 5 trillion cells, all of which store energy. When you’re young and in good health, these cells operate at 70 – 90 millivolts.

However, as you age, the energy in these cells depletes, making them weaker, eventually dying.

Through the use of Tesla BioHealer, the cells are reenergized, allowing for:

  • DNA repair
  • ATP production
  • Healthy cell reproduction

When your cells die faster than they can be reproduced, you start to age. Restoring your cells’ energy helps reverse aging and health issues by ensuring that your body functions optimally.

The goal is to bring the body’s energy back into harmony and promote a happier, healthier you.

What is ATP?

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is a crucial molecule in the body that is responsible for carrying energy. ATP captures and stores chemical energy in all of your cells. When you need energy, the cells release the ATP energy.

In terms of body function, ATP is crucial for many vital functions, such as:

  • Muscle contractions
  • Chemical synthesis
  • Nerve impulses

Life Force Energy and ATP are intrinsically linked to promoting a healthier, happier and stronger you.

Tesla BioHealer Benefits

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You’ll experience numerous benefits when using the BioHealer. BioHealer can:

  • Boost brain activity
  • Promote cell repair in the body and brain
  • Enhance cognitive function
  • Improve circulation
  • Increase energy
  • Normalize blood pressure levels
  • Reduce the risk of stroke

Exposure to Life Force Energy has the ability to remove toxins from the brain and body. When you have continued exposure to this energy, it also helps cleanse the blood and even works to enhance mental health.

In fact, the energy may also help with inhibiting neurotransmitter uptake to work as a natural antidepressant. In addition to its mood-lifting ability, mood stabilization occurs to help calm anxiety and emotions.

Even immune function improves by as much as 149%, which is beneficial for people of all ages.

Add in the reduction in inflammation and pain in the body, and it’s easy to see just how beneficial Tesla BioHealers can be.

Between 80% and 90% of users feel the energy the device generates. Minimum usage is eight weeks, but usage will depend on age and your health condition. Consistent use of 4 – 6 weeks provides an enhancement in well-being and energy.

Early signs of energy include improvement in energy levels, brain activity, breathing, reduction in pain, normalization of blood pressure and glucose levels, better sleep and so much more.

Sleep Study and Cellular Repair

The sleep study alone is very impressive and can be found here.

Participants in the study were all 65 or older and slept on the Tesla MedBed for just three nights. The results of the study are staggering, with participants experiencing:

  • 13% to 45% cellular repair rate increases in blood vessels, bone marrow, heart, liver and more
  • 34% increase in cell repair rate in internal organs
  • 100% reduction in cellular destruction rates

While the study was short, participants experienced these critical benefits in just three days. Longer studies are needed, but it’s expected that the results will improve even further.

Small Study or Cases of Significant Health Improvements

If cellular repair doesn’t sound impressive, there are many cases where Tesla BioHealers have shown to be effective. A few of the most notable cases can be found in the company’s whitepaper, and they include:

  • Detoxifying the body
  • Pain relief
  • Vitality improvements
  • Stem cell production
  • Brain cell repair (after just six nights in Tesla Med beds)
  • Reduce Parkinson’s symptoms, including fewer tremors in the hands, wrists and legs

You’ll find many excellent studies on the benefits of the Tesla BioHealer and Tesla Med beds. Additionally, you’ll find a lot of anecdotal evidence that Life Force Energy truly does work to improve your overall well-being and health.

Join the Stroke Study

One future study to note is how Tesla Med Beds can help people suffering from chronic strokes.

A few of the study specifics include:

  • 46 volunteers so far, all chronic stroke sufferers, are participants in the study
  • Participants will spend four weeks in a live study using the MedBed
  • Half of the group will sleep on a “placebo bed”

If you suffer from chronic strokes, you can participate in the study and experience the healing power of Life Force Energy.

How Does a BioHealer Work?

tesla med bed review

Data-driven, natural and safe are all ways to describe BioHealer technology. Tesla BioHealing devices work by:

  • Creating their own environment filled with Life Force Energy
  • People and pets (yes, this works on pets, too) absorb the vital energy
  • Cell repair begins once enough energy in the body is accumulated

When you use the BioHealer, you’re entering a new state for your cells to become nourished and filled with energy. Pre-activation of certain materials in the product occurs, leading to a consistent flow of Life Force Energy.

As your body builds up higher concentrations of the energy, it leads to cells functioning at a higher level and boosting your body’s natural healing capabilities. When your body remains in this state of high concentrations of Life Force Energy, it leads to cells repairing your organs, improvement in vitality, pain relief and many more benefits.

How to Use BioHealer Products

BioHealer products work on adults, children and even pets. Many people are using these very products to help their aging pets find the pep, vitality and healthy life they deserve. However, depending on all of these categories and the type of BioHealer you choose, your usage will be different.

Before discussing specific usage, it’s crucial to know which two products are available:

  1. Tesla BioHealers
  2. Tesla MedBed

BioHealers are strong devices, which work well, but you need far more of them than a MedBed. A MedBed is 100x more effective than the BioHealers, and they’re really the wave of the future for this technology.

When to Use the Tesla BioHealer

The BioHealer puts the company in the spotlight, and it’s an over-the-counter device that works best for:

  • Mild to moderate conditions
  • Severe conditions if multiple devices are used

You’ll place the device about three feet or less from the area of the body where your condition is the worst. You’ll need to use the device for eight hours daily, and if you can move it closer to the trouble area, the potency will improve significantly.

Obviously, you can use this device on adults, but kids should be five years of age or older.

And while you can use it for your pets, don’t expect them to sit still for 8 hours – they won’t. However, many users notice a major difference in their animals when they are near the device.

When to Use the Tesla BioHealing MedBed Generator

MedBed Generators are said to be 100 times more potent than the BioHealer, and this is the ideal option if you have a serious medical condition. You can book these beds as part of your healing journey, too.

The nice thing about beds is that you simply lay or sleep on them.

You can purchase the MedBed generators for yourself or book a session at one of the MedBed centers.

Usage of BioHealer or MedBed Generators

Tesla BioHealing collected data from 20,000 people, all of which had chronic medical conditions and sought relief. s up to 12 and two for anyone older than 12. Place as close to the impacted body part as possible.

Tesla BioHealing Reviews

The reviews for Tesla BioHealing products are overwhelmingly positive. Users have seen great results with both the BioHealer and MedBed Generators. Many have experienced:

  • Improved sleep. Those who were only sleeping a few hours a night experienced full nights of sleep without disruption.
  • Less pain or no pain at all. Many with chronic pain have seen great improvements.
  • Healing. Some users have seen their bed-ridden loved ones become more mobile after using MedBed Generators. Others have healed exceptionally quickly after injuries.
  • Fewer seizures. One user reported not having a seizure in two months.
  • More energy. Many users report having more energy and feeling ready to tackle the day after using MedBed Generators.
  • Memory improvements and mental clarity. Users have seen noticeable improvements in their short-term memory and mental fog has become a thing of the past.
  • Help with sciatic pain. One user had their pain disappear after ten years of suffering.

The Telsa BioHealer has nearly 1,000 reviews alone, with 79% of them being five stars. Only a handful of users have had negative experiences or saw no changes at all.

Some users have seen more dramatic or life-changing results from Tesla BioHealing. Not everyone will experience such dramatic results, but a large percentage see noticeable improvements.

Many users claim to see improvements within just a few days or weeks. Some enjoy a better night of sleep right away.

Tesla Medbed Generator for Sale

Tesla BioHealers and Tesla Med Beds should be purchased directly from the manufacturer below. We’ve linked directly to the manufacturer, your only source for 100% reliable and authentic BioHealer products.

You can even apply for financing to cover the cost of the device and begin experiencing the benefits of Life Force Energy for yourself.

If you’re tired of aches and pains, feelings of exhaustion or are experiencing a serious medical condition and can use a natural way to boost your body’s immune system and function, this is the product for you.

And you don’t need to have a prescription to purchase one of these devices.