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Welcome to biohealthmatics.com – the best place on the Internet for jobs and career advice in biomedical informatics. Biomedical informatics is made up principally of two fields – bioinformatics and medical informatics, which is now being called health informatics. Hence the name of the website, "bio" from bioinformatics, "health" from health informatics and "matics" from informatics.

This is the site of choice for those looking to pursue a career in biomedical informatics or already have started their career in the field. The website was created as a result of the lack of high quality career websites dedicated to biomedical informatics, and has now gone on to also cater for the larger biotechnology and healthcare IT industry.

Biomedical informatics is an exciting and constantly growing field and right now there are a wide variety of job opportunities for those seeking to pursue a career in it. Biomedical informatics consists principally of two fields – bioinformatics and medical informatics (now better known as health informatics).

The completion of the Human Genome Project and the significant investments in biotechnology has led to in an increase in biotechnology &  bioinformatics jobs.

While increasing investments in health information technology to improve the delivery of health services has led to an increase in healthcare technology &  health informatics jobs.

If you are looking for bioinformatics or health informatics jobs or want to advertise bioinformatics or health informatics jobs, you can have total confidence in our first class services.

However if you are looking to understand what bioinformatics or health informatics or are simply looking for career advice on the disciplines, this is also your place to start.

We are committed to delivering relevant and appropriate information with regular updates performed on the content of the site. The field of biomedical informatics is constantly changing and no doubt going through some exciting times and we are dedicated to making sure that people stay abreast with all of these changes through the quality delivery of information and services.

The biohealthmatics.com site is an offshoot of Biomedical Informatics LTD, a health informatics consulting company based in the United Kingdom .

Biohealthmatics.com is funded by private funds made available from Biomedical Informatics Ltd and proceeds received as a result of advert and job placements made on the website. Biohealthmatics.com does not endorse or recommend any of the products or services offered by third parties in these adverts.

Types of jobs that can be advertised on Biohealthmatics.com are:

  • Biomedical Informatics Jobs
  • Health Informatics Jobs
  • Nursing Informatics Jobs
  • Telemedicine Jobs
  • Telehealth Jobs
  • Health IT Jobs
  • Healthcare IT Jobs
  • Bioinformatics Jobs
  • Computational Biology Jobs
  • NHS IT Jobs

At Biohealthmatics.com, we are your one stop shop for all your biomedical informatics career needs. We believe in making customer service our number one priority. Whether you are looking for bioinformatics or health informatics jobs or want to advertise bioinformatics or health informatics jobs, you can have total confidence in our first class services. Nobody understands bioinformatics and health informatics more than Biohealthmatics.com!

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Biohealthmatics searches the Internet for health informatics, healthcare IT, bioinformatics and biotech jobs. We aggregate all these jobs into our database and users can search jobs from multiple sources and employers with just one click.

An increasing interest in health informatics and increasing push to interoperability between the different systems in the US has seen a rise in the number of health informatics or medical informatics, nursing informatics jobs and healthcare IT jobs.

Similar efforts in the UK to modernize the National Health Service (NHS) through the National Program for IT (NPfIT) have seen a rise in the number of NHS IT jobs available.

While there has been an increase in the number of bioinformatics and biotech jobs, the number of graduates from an increasing number of academic programs offering bioinformatics and biotechnology has seen an increase in the competition for the positions available.

However we hope that jobseekers, whatever job positions they are seeking in either healthcare or biotechnology industries, would find the services we provide useful.

Job seekers can use our job search engine to search for employment opportunites. Job searches can be done for the following: 

Click here to browse the latest Health Informatics Jobs, Healthcare IT Jobs, NHS IT Jobs, Healthcare Tech Jobs, Biotechnology / Biotech Jobs and Bioinformatics Jobs.


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  • The Informatics Review: "A great site for medical informatics and health IT-related jobs".
  • Genetic Engineering News: "Biohealthmatics is of note as a career contact point for candidates/companies seeking employment/employees in informatics in the biomedical field. ... the site’s other sections are all useful".
  • NHS Informatics: "... provide(s) relevant and appropriate information".



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