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Eko Health Digital Stethoscopes

Are you looking for a powerful stethoscope that can help you accurately assess your patients’ hearts and lungs?

In this guide, we will introduce you to some top products from Eko. But first, let’s explain what Eko is in case you are not familiar with this company.

About Eko

Eko is a company that focuses on providing state-of-the-art tools for cardiovascular healthcare. It takes a research-driven approach to ensure that the products it offers will provide the highest degree of accuracy.

In short, if you want a high quality stethoscope, Eko is where to shop for one.

Along with high quality products, Eko boasts some other benefits too, like a 75-day trial period and easy returns. You also have the option to pay in full upfront or pay in installments interest-free. You can even pay using HSA, FSA and CME funds.

Top Recommended Digital Stethoscopes

eko health digital stethoscopes

You will notice while you are exploring Eko’s products that the company sells stethoscopes under the Eko name, but also under the 3M™ Littmann® brand name. They also offer a range of accessories. These include stethoscope amplifiers, rubber ear tips, tubing connector kits, cases, USB cables and more.

Eko DUO ECG + Digital Stethoscope

Eko DUO ECG + Digital Stethoscope

As the name states, the Eko DUO ECG + Digital Stethoscope is a two-in-one product combining a digital stethoscope with an ECG.

Features and Specs:

  • 6061 machined aluminum and ABS thermoplastic
  • 32x sound amplification
  • Detect murmurs (with 88% sensitivity and specificity) and AFib (with 99% sensitivity and 97% specificity) in as little as 15 seconds
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • 10 hours of life per charge
  • 1-year standby time
  • Threaded 3.5mm jack
  • Compatible with Eko App for iOS 12 and later and Android OS 8 and later
  • Bluetooth LE 4.2
  • .WAV and .PDF formats
  • Eko Connect SDK/API integrations

Benefits of the Eko DUO ECG + Digital Stethoscope:

  • This is a cutting edge device. According to Eko, it is the first system ever to make it possible to detect AFib and murmurs simultaneously in a matter of seconds. You need to connect it to the app to make use of this functionality.
  • Powerful 32x amplification makes it easy to detect sounds.
  • Multiple exam modes are available, including a 4-point guided Cardiac Exam Mode and a 15-second Spot Check Mode, making this stethoscope a versatile choice for a range of scenarios.
  • Wireless Bluetooth functionality makes it easy to use your stethoscope. Pairing it with the app is a breeze; it takes just one tap.
  • If you are conducting a telemedicine exam, you can send a stream that is HIPAA-compliant. Sharing your reports is fast and easy.
  • This stethoscope is compact enough that you can carry it in your pocket.
  • You can customize this product for free with an engraving.

Best For:

If you want a smart two-in-one digital stethoscope and ECG for conducting rapid accurate assessments of heart health, the Eko DUO ECG + Digital Stethoscope is a fantastic choice.

3M™ Littmann® CORE Digital Stethoscope 8570 High Polish

electronic stethoscope

While this product is sold under the 3M™ Littmann® name, it is compatible with the Eko app.

Features and Specs:

  • Up to 40x sound amplification
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Save recordings of 15-120 seconds
  • Compatible with Eko app
  • Digital and analog modes with easy toggle

Benefits of the 3M™ Littmann® CORE Digital Stethoscope:

  • The 40x sound amplification is even better than what the Eko DUO offers, making it even easier to pick up subtle sounds.
  • It is even easier to hear when using this stethoscope thanks to the noise cancellation feature, making it perfect for busy, loud clinical settings.
  • This product includes soft-sealing ear tips for comfort. Their design further helps to block out background noise.
  • You can use this stethoscope in analog or digital modes, toggling rapidly between them as needed. Not only that, but if you change the pressure you are applying, you will be able to pick up sounds at different frequencies thanks to the proprietary 3M tunable diaphragm. The diaphragm includes sides for children and adults.
  • When you connect to the app, you can save recordings and share them while remaining fully compliant with HIPAA. The app also will allow you to visualize the waveforms.

Best For:

This product was designed to offer the most precise and accurate subjective experience from the physician’s end. If you want to be able to hear sounds from the heart, lungs and bowel as clearly as possible, this is the product to choose.

Which of These Two Digital Stethoscopes Should You Get?

It is worth noting that both of these stethoscopes sell in the same price range. So, the only considerations when you are trying to narrow down your choice should be how you intend to use your stethoscope and which will better fit your needs.

Buy the Eko DUO ECG + Digital Stethoscope if …

  • You need a product that combines the functionality of a stethoscope and ECG in one device.
  • You want smart features that streamline the process of recording, analyzing and sharing the data you are gathering.
  • Ease-of-use and efficiency are among your top priorities when selecting a stethoscope.
  • You are involved in telehealth. The Eko DUO was designed especially for telehealth professionals.

Buy the 3M™ Littmann® CORE Digital Stethoscope 8570 High Polish if …

  • You work in an especially noisy environment and other stethoscopes you have tried have not been cutting it in terms of noise cancellation and sound amplification.
  • You want to be able to detect a wide range of frequencies by making simple adjustments.
  • You want to be able to use your stethoscope in both digital and analog modes.
  • You want a product that features a comfortable fit in your ears.

You really cannot go wrong with either of these stethoscopes, but by choosing the one that is ideal for your situation, you will make your job easier and offer the best experience to your patients.

Where to Buy Eko Health Digital Stethoscopes

Eko’s stethoscopes are top of the line for accuracy, reliability, ease-of-use and convenience. To purchase either of our recommended Eko stethoscopes, visit the following links.